The Odorous Ant

How to Get Rid of the Odorous Ant

How do I get rid of Ants tip 1Get rid of Odorous ants by cutting off their attack. If you have a odorous ant problem from an outside colony, the first step is to identify where they are getting into your home.  Look for ant trails that lead to and from your house.  Once you have done that, use these tricks to stop them dead in their tracks:

  • Sprinkle baby powder along horizontal surfaces where the ants are getting into your house.  Don’t be afraid to do this both inside and out. Make sure your brand has Talc as its main ingredient.  Some baby powders contain cornstarch and is not as effective as deterring the little critters.  Odorous house ants have a strong aversion to the substance, and will either curl up in a ball or turn around never to return.  Repeat every time you find an odorous ant trail.
  • Chalk is a great for repelling the odorous ant. Take a stick of chalk and draw a line around the vertical areas the ants are getting into your house. Amazingly, the ants will not walk through the chalk. The ants will stop right at the chalk line and will either curl in a ball and drop or turn around and keep moving.  Repeat until ants no longer have any means of entering the house.Get Rid of Ants Red House
  • Use apple cider vinegar to confuse their scent trails.  Fill a clean spray bottle and put with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. Spray the diluted apple cider vinegar on the ant trails. They will become agitated, but most importantly, they will become confused.  They will not be able to follow their scent trails to your home and your food.
  • Black pepper is also a great deterrent.  Look for scouts or any odorous ant in your home. When you find an ant, sprinkle a good dash of black pepper on them. Instantly, you will see them begin to panic as they begin to flee from the powder. Begin to sprinkle black pepper on every ant that you see; they will take the residue back to their nests and warn the rest of the colony about the danger.

Get Rid of Ants tip 2Get rid of odorous ants by going on the attack. The next thing to do once you have confused and disoriented them is to go on the attack.  Few are a few tips and tricks in getting rid of those annoying little critters:

  • Go for slow acting bait poisons.  In odorous ants, quick kill pesticides will just eliminate some of the workers.  They will not kill all the workers let along the rest of the nest.  In which case, fast acting insecticides will just mask the problem instead of curing it.
  • When looking for a slow acting bait in getting rid of odorous ants, look for baiting systems that either have boric acid or hydramethylnon.  Terro Ant Killer contains boric acid and  Combat, Blatex, and Wipeout all contain hydramethylnon.Get Rid of Ants Cherry Jelly
  • Once you have found your poison of choice, make sure that all other potential ant food sources are disposed of or securely stowed.  The bait only works if it is the primary food source.
  • Place the bait stations nearby known ant activity.  Putting it next to known ant trails is preferable.  Make it inviting and easy for the ants to get to.

Get Rid of Ants tip 3Repeat the process when getting rid of odorous ants. Remember, when dealing with little critters that are bent on surviving, sometimes you have to be persistent.  It also means you will have to outsmart them. Odorous Ants require sugars, proteins and greases to survive.  In nature, ants find these in a number of ways. They get them naturally through other insects, aphid honeydew, and plant products.  So if your baits don’t seem to be working, try these tricks to fine tune your attack:

  • Make three, two-inch squares of tin foil. Put jelly (sugar) on one, peanut butter (protein) on the second, and bacon grease (grease) on the last.  Place them in three different areas of known ant activity.  See which one receives the most activity.  Once you have a winner, you know which type of bait to use.
  • If you can’t find a store bought bait that uses your lure (sugar, protein, grease), you can make your own.  Simply purchase boric acid and make your bait using this recipe:
  • o   1 cup bait of your choice
  • o   1/2 cup water (or until bait is creamy to slightly runny)
  • o   1 tablespoon boric acid powder
  • Continue to fine tune your process until your ant problem is conquered.  Once you find a bait that works, you should see reduced ant activity within a week.

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