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Get Rid of Ants Naturally Black Pepper

get rid of ants naturally by using black pepper

Getting Rid of Ants with Black Pepper

Protecting your home against ants can be stress inducing and aggravating. But here, at, we are committed to finding inexpensive, time saving, and environmentally friendly solutions to getting rid of the little pests. Black pepper is just one of those environmentally friendly and inexpensive solutions that won’t hurt kids or pets. So read on to discover a sure-fire way to get rid of ants naturally with: Black Pepper.

How do I get rid of Ants tip 1Buying Black Pepper. There is no particular brand or kind of black pepper that you need to purchase. Any kind of black pepper will do. Just make sure that whatever you buy is fresh.
• Check the freshness date and make sure the seal is still in tact
• If you are buying your black pepper in the bulk section make sure it has a strong, peppery odor

Get Rid of Ants tip 2Joining in the Battle. Look for entry points. When you find an ant in your home, follow them back to their entry-point of your house. Sprinkle a good dash of black pepper. Instantly, you will see them begin to panic as they begin to flee from the powder. Begin to sprinkle black pepper on every ant that you see; they will take the residue back to their nests and warn the rest of the colony about the danger.

Get Rid of Ants tip 3Build your defenses. Pour good sprinkling on thresholds of outside doors and around possible entry points along your foundation. Inside, sprinkle around windows and below electrical sockets on walls. Take a thorough inventory of your walls, if you notice ants entering through cracks or gaps; sprinkle liberally around the cracks and crevices with black pepper.

You should see decreased ant activity immediately. And with a little persistence, you should see no ants within your house in about a week. For more on how to get rid of ants naturally click here, and on identifying ant species, click here.

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