Getting Rid of Ants Naturally with Mint Getting Rid of Ants Naturally with Mint

Getting rid of ants can be a messy and unpleasant affair.  So many times we reach for smelly pesticides or sticky traps – no wonder people eventually call an exterminator to handle it.  Well, the good news is, there is a simple and effective way to keep ants away from your house once and for all.  And it is as simple as doing some gardening.  By planting the aromatic herb you will be placing 24 hour security guards around your house and telling the ants that they are not welcome inside.  Follow these three easy instructions to learn how to get rid of ants naturally and without pesticides by using – mint.

How do I get rid of Ants tip 1Picking your mint: Go around your house and identify the trouble spots where the ants are getting in. Look around windows, doors, cracks in the foundation, and crevices in the siding.  You will want to plant a cluster of three to seven plants for every trouble area.  Once you have the trouble areas identified and the amount of mint you will need to cover it, it is time to go to the store.

When picking your mint at the store, look for tender, young plants.  They should be hearty with little brown on their leaves.  Once you’ve picked them out, you are ready for step two.

Get Rid of Ants tip 2Planting your mint: Next, go back to each trouble area and prepare the ground for planting.  Pay close attention to the areas directly around windows and doors – as this is the best use of the mint plant. Dig a hole sufficiently deep to receive the plant and some fertilizer.  Once you have the mint planted, make sure it is watered well so the roots will be encouraged to travel outside the potting soil.

Get Rid of Ants tip 3Monitor your progress: Now that you have the mint planted, you should begin to notice the ants stay away from the areas in which you have planted.  If you see the ants not getting the hint right away, try sprinkling some dried mint around until the mint takes hold.

For more on how to get rid of ants naturally click here, and on identifying ant species, click here.

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