Red Chili Powder

Get Rid of Ants with Red Chili Peppers Get Rid of Ants with Red Chili Pepper Powder

Ants, they get into everything.  Just when you think you have them out of your house for good, they find new and inventive ways to get back in.  What we need is a creative way to give the hint that they are not wanted.  Among the things that ants, especially black ants, stay away from is red chili powder. They just cannot stand the stuff.  So by following these three easy steps, you will be making you ant problem a thing of the past.

How do I get rid of Ants tip 1Assemble your weapons. The great thing about this trick is that you don’t need any particular brand.  The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have fresh red chili powder.  Otherwise, water, a bowl, and a stirring spoon is all you need.  Just make sure you bring a little patience for the next step.

Get Rid of Ants tip 2Create your arsenal. The next step is to mix the red chili powder with water in the mixing bowl.  The object is to create a paste.  This paste will fill in cracks and should be able to somewhat hold its shape.  So try and keep it a thick consistency.

Get Rid of Ants tip 3Go on the attack. Once you have your chili paste create, find places around the interior and exterior of the home where the ants are getting in.  Fill the cracks and crevices with the paste.  Be sure to put a generous coating on.  Continue to do this for a few days until you see decreased ant activity.

For more on how to get rid of ants naturally click here, and on identifying ant species, click here.

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